Municipal Solid Waste PPP tenders 

MSW PPP projects are awarded following a competitive dialogue tender process under which the most efficient proposal is to be chosen. The competitive tender process has two phases: In phase one indication of interest are received from companies which must demonstrate waste management track record. 

Pre-selected consortia proceed to phase two under which companies gain access to information needed to make specific technical and financing offers for the facilities/operations that will be established. At phase two, access to funding must be demonstrated.

OUR ROLE: Your independent project partner

We work with most local waste management specialists and large construction companies. Our independence from large construction groups combined with local market knowledge and transaction structuring expertise allow us to add value in:

• Sourcing new projects (private / public)

• Evaluation of specific project / tender characteristics

• Partner evaluation: Independent advise in the planning and selection of suitable local consortia by supporting you in the selection between project partnership vs sub-contracting arrangements

• Bid advisory/ Financial modeling

• Introduction of local investors & financing

There are currently no new waste PPP projects being tendered in Greece. The first MSW PPP - Diadyma in Western Macedonia is about to start operations in June 2017.  Peloponnese PPP has achieved financial close is in planning/construction phase. 

Sigma Catalyst Partners

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