Biogas project development 

Sigma Catalyst Partners also is involved in smaller scale biomass projects that include the construction and operation of Anaerobic Digestion facilities that process pure organic waste produced by animal farms and food processing factories so as to produce biogas, fertilizer and electricity. Plants are connected to the grid under power purchase agreements, which currently guarantee a price of 220€ per MWh (253€ if the plant is constructed without grants).

Our role as project partners and co-owners is to:

• Provide early stage funding & execution support (technical studies, permitting, pre-feasibility etc). We select and cooperate with trusted third parties i.e. planning and engineering bureaus etc.
• Facilitate/ manage the business setup of operations (negotiating and signing long term contracts with feedstock producers, obtaining permitting and grid connection agreements, structuring and creating the optimal legal structures etc) 
• Select and commission European AD facility manufacturers to build and supervise the operation of the plants, ensuring operation at the budgeted energy efficiency figures (we minimize construction and operation risks by making sure that the right technology and EPC partner is used)
• Seek later stage investors interested in investing in these projects once construction commences. (the risk/return ratio of these projects is currently quite attractive). Our specialization in fund raising and corporate finance allows us to add significant value to our project partners and feedstock producers.

Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for biomass project proposals stating the location, source and type of biomass/ organic waste you have access to and the estimated volumes.

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