Waste Management 

Sigma Catalyst Partners offers specialist financial and business development advisory, in renewable energy & infrastructure finance as well as project development. 

We specialize in waste management and biomass projects in the region. While during the past two years the Greek PPP market for waste projects has been slow, we see opportunities in Romania and Serbia which are focusing on new waste infrastructure.

OUR MAIN ROLE is to assist international waste companies in structuring cooperations and joint-ventures for participation in waste projects and PPP tenders in Greece. We also cooperate with international investment banks and specialist financial advisors, to arrange equity & project financing on behalf of pre-selected consortia.

Furthermore, we support our clients in the analysis and evaluation of finance tools and the utilization of EU funding for environmental projects. To achieve this, we liaise with the state and EIB/EIF executives responsible for managing the infrastructure & structural funds dedicated to Greece.

Offering independent advise in structuring successful partnerships for the growing Greek waste market. 

We support all aspects of waste project development from project selection to partner evaluation and JV negotiations, by leveraging our international business development know-how with local market intelligence to provide independent business advise.

To support our clients in business and project development, our team:

  • Follows all MSW PPP/PFI tenders to match Greek consortia with international waste operators and EPC contractors
  • Maintains contact with infrastructure investors, commercial banks municipalities and government authorities
  • Selects and cooperates with specialist consulting engineers and technical bureaus to support planning and permitting of projects
  • Informs and supports investors and market players aiming to enter the waste management market
  • Sources and co-develops biomass/biogas to electricity projects by partnering with feedstock producers and linking projects to investors

Sigma Catalyst Partners

5 Valaoritou Str. Athens - Chalandri 15232 - GREECE
Tel.: +30 210 68 52 411, Fax: 211 017 33 88

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